Keep Cool and Save Money with Ceiling Fans

Air conditioning can eat up our hard-earned dollars fast during the dog days of summer. A ceiling fan can help cool you down and save money too. Here’s how ceiling fans save money during the warmer months of the year.

Benefits of Ceiling Fans

Fans promote circulation, cooling your skin through a wind-chill effect. As a result, you can raise the thermostat by about 4 degrees in your home and still be comfortable. In fact, you may be able to turn the air conditioner off. Cutting back on AC use will help reduce your electric bill.

Purchasing Ceiling Fans

Make sure the ceiling fan you purchase is Energy Star certified. These fans are 40 to 60% more efficient than conventional models. They save energy and help protect the climate by reducing greenhouse gas emissions. In addition, they use improved motors and blade designs. You can find more information at

Ceiling Fan Installation Tips

Try to install a ceiling fan in every room that needs to be cooled off during summer. However, make sure the ceiling is at least eight feet high. Fans work best when the blades are 7-9 feet from the floor and about a foot below the ceiling. Pick a fan that fits the size of the room. One that is 36 to 44-inches in diameter will cool rooms up to 225 square feet. A larger fan is best for bigger areas.

During summer, operate ceiling fans in a counterclockwise direction for the best cooling effect.

In the winter, run them in a clockwise direction. Set the fan on a low speed to move warm air down from the ceiling.

Save Energy With Ceiling Fans

According to the  U.S. Energy Information Administration,  AC units account for an average of 12% of all home energy consumption. You can save money by cutting back on your AC use. It costs about .36 cents per hour to run an AC unit, while a ceiling fan costs around a penny an hour. Air conditioning is a major consumer of electricity in the U.S.

Types of Ceiling Fans

There are all kinds of ceiling fans on the market to choose from. Here are some of them.

A standard ceiling fan is common. They are a good choice if your ceiling is slightly angled and you prefer an affordable, simple style. If your room has a lower ceiling, a flush-mount ceiling fan may be required. They have a more streamlined look but are slightly less efficient at circulating air and saving energy. Multi-head ceiling fans have two or more fans built in. Use them to make a design statement. Ceiling fans with a light kit are useful in bedrooms and hallways. Smart ceiling fans interact with your home wireless network. They can be controlled by a voice assistant or smartphone app.

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