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5 Products Switching to Electric Power

Since the first implementation of electric lights in the late 19th century, electricity has taken over the world for its convenience and efficiency. Gas lights were rendered obsolete within decades, and we’ve seen a growing shift in power (no pun intended) ever since. Here are five products that have or are beginning to switch to electric power sources.


Although Back to the Future’s prediction that 21st century cars would run on garbage power has yet to come to fruition, cars and other gas-powered vehicles are manufactured to run on electricity more and more often. From Teslas to golf carts, the auto industry’s dependence on gasoline is gradually shrinking. This, possibly more than any other industry, is a big step towards eliminating humanity’s reliance on fossil fuels. There’s nowhere to go but up, and we hope this shift will have a significant positive impact on the environment.

Kitchen Appliances

This one, of course, is nothing new, but you can still find some gas-powered stoves in use. It’s hard to imagine a life where turning on the stove requires more than the flick of a dial. The switch to electric stoves took place less time ago than you may think. Only a few generations ago, iceboxes were the norm, and now we have fridges with smart screens embedded in the doors! Today, you’d be hard-pressed to find a kitchen appliance not plugged into the wall, but advances in smart tech and artificial intelligence have taken things a step further when it comes to home life.


Even the simplest household objects are subject to change! For safety reasons or avoidance of melting wax, many businesses and households choose electric battery-powered candles over real ones. Ever go to a restaurant and take a peek inside the candle holder? You’ve probably been met with a tiny “tea light” sporting an artificially “flickering” flame and an off switch. Some even change colors, because why not? Of course, real candles are still in use, but they’re often saved for particularly formal occasions, and sometimes only private ones now that the pandemic has made blowing out flames a bit of a health risk.


Keeping with the theme, next up on our list are fireplaces and even fire pits. Electric fireplaces eliminate the need to buy and gather wood to feed the flames and can be lit with the flick of a dial. Kindling and fire starters are a bit unnecessary when you’ve got one of these, as are chimneys! Electric fire pits are also popular due to their mobility and lack of an ash pile. There’s no need to stick around waiting for a fire to burn out or flare up enough to provide warmth with electric fireplaces. Real ones do have the advantage of those wonderful woodsmoke scents, though…


The world of music is leaning increasingly into EDM, or electronic dance music, as well as manufactured sound effects. You can play a full symphony on one electric keyboard. It’s difficult to say whether upright and studio pianos are more of a luxury than advanced keyboards, as the former are a bit less common, and usually older, while the latter offer a vast variety of functions. Although the first is certainly more aesthetically pleasing! If given the choice, which would you prefer?

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