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Considering Purchasing an Electric Car? Here’s Our Perspective

If you are considering buying a car in 2021, you’ve likely entertained the thought of purchasing an electric car. Electric car sales keep growing every year, and it’s clear that they are a viable, if not a superior, alternative to gas and hybrid-powered vehicles. Here are a few thoughts to consider surrounding electric cars in 2021. 

Reasons to Purchase an Electric Car in 2021

Electric cars are more compelling than ever in 2021, and there are many reasons to consider adding one to your driveway. For starters, modern electric cars offer a refined, feature-packed experience that drivers across the country have come to love. Additionally, they can travel well over 200 miles before needing another charge. That doesn’t match gas-powered engines, but it still is more than enough for typical day-to-day needs. At this point, if you have the ability to charge an electric car at home and don’t mind the steeper price tag, it’s the perfect time to make the jump!

Reasons to Avoid Purchasing an Electric Car in 2021

Electric cars are clearly viable choices as a daily driver, but there are a few reasons why it might make sense to wait a few more years before buying one of your own. During that time, many more charging stations are sure to be installed, which will make your life as a commuter a lot more convenient. Currently, there are about 47,000 public electric car charging stations in the United States, and only a fraction of those have fast charging capabilities. On the other hand, there are 168,000 gas stations across the country. 

The only other notable reason to delay your purchase of an electric car is because of the available selection. For some people, a truck, convertible, large SUV or station wagon is the ideal car body style. At the moment, none of those options have an extensive lineup in the electric market. As car manufacturers continue investing in electric car development, we’ll begin to see many more models available for purchase. 

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