Electrical Safety: Staying Safe During a Storm

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When the skies darken and the winds start to howl, the threat of a storm looms over not just the outdoors but also the safety of your homes. In these moments, understanding electrical safety is extremely import to make sure you and your family are guarded from the dangers a bad storm can bring. With the right knowledge and precautions, you can navigate the upcoming weather without putting your home or your loved ones at risk.

When Storms and Electricity Go Rogue

Storms are just a part of life here in the Sykesville area this time of year. But let’s be real, storms and electricity are like that ex-couple who can’t stop causing drama. And when they team up, it’s not just relationship drama – it’s serious electrical hazards you need to be aware of.

Like we mentioned in our May article: Prepare for the 2024 Hurricane Season with a Home Generator in Sykesville, we alerted readers about this years unprecedented level of hurricane storm activity by weather.com. There are things you can do before, during, and after a storm to minimize the risks associated with electrical hazards and injuries.

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Before we dive into the tips, let chat about why storms and electricity area a dangerous mix:

  • Lighting Strikes: A single lighting bolt packs a massive electrical punch. It can fry appliances, start fires, and even cause power surges that can damage your home’s wiring. 
  • Downed Power Lines: Heavy winds and falling trees can knock down power lines. These are extremely dangerous and should never be approached nor touched.
  • Water and Electricity: Water is a conductor of electricity. If your home floods, or water leaks during a storm, electrical hazards can arise.

Your Storm Safety Checklist

Ready to storm proof your electrical system? Follow these tips:

  • Unplug Electronics: When a storm is brewing, unplug your televisions, computers, and other valuable electronics. Lighting induces electrical current in power lines, damaging connected devices. Surge protectors offer moderate protection, but unplugging your cherished electronics is the best way to safeguard them during thunderstorms.
  • Stay Away from Water: Water is a huge conductor of electricity. Avoid using appliances or electronics near water during a storm. If you see downed power lines near your home, keep a safe distance and call your utility company immediately.
  • Avoid Plumbing: Steer clear of anything metal connected to your plumbing, like your faucets or even the handle of your toilet. Yes, we said your toilet handle. You should skip the showers and baths during a thunderstorm. If lightning strikes your house, that water and metal combo becomes a superhighway for electricity, zapping through your entire plumbing system.
  • Invest in Surge Protection: consider having CK Electrical contractors install a whole-home surge protector. These can give your electrical panel an added layer of protection.
  • Know Your Breakers: Learn how to shut off your home’s main electrical breaker in case of emergency.

melted electrical outlet for CK electric in Sykesville md electrical residential and commercial contractorAfter the Storm: Safety First

Once the storm has passed, be cautious:

  • Look for Damage: Check your home for any signs of electrical damage, like scorch marks, frayed wires, or sparking outlets. If you see anything suspicious call us at CK Electric right away.
  • Don’t Wade in Water: If there is  standing water in your home, avoid it until you’re sure the power is off.
  • Call the Pros: If you have any doubts about your home’s electrical safety, contact us immediately. Our licensed electricians will assess your home for any electrical hazards, fix them, and give you the greenlight that you are safe to enter your home.

Why Choose CK Electrical Contractors

Here are CK Electric, we’re your neighbors. We understand the unique challenges storms can pose to your electrical system. Our experienced electricians are ready to help with:

  • Storm Damage Repairs: We can quickly and safely repair any electrical damages caused by storms.
  • Surge Protector Installation: We install whole-home surge protectors to keep all your electronics and appliances safe.
  • Safety Inspections: We offer comprehensive electrical safety inspections to give you and your family peace of mind.

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Let’s Weather the Storm Together

With a little preparation and the help of CK Electrical Contractors, you can keep your home and family safe during stormy weather. Remember, when it comes to electricity, safety is always the priority. Electrical issues are a part of homeownership, but you don’t have to face them alone. CK Electric is here to help with all your electrical needs. Whether it’s a simple fix or a complex problem, our licensed electricians are ready to tackle the job. Contact us today and let us keep your home powered up and safe. We serve Sykesville, Eldersburg, Frederick, and all of Central Maryland. Call us at 443-920-3078 or email us at info@ckelectricllc.com. We are happy to serve you!