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Five Occasions You Should Have Your Electrical System Inspected

It’s better to be safe than sorry, and it can be difficult to tell what’s a significant risk without proper training. Don’t compromise on your family’s safety– check this list of the top ten occasions you should have your home electrical system inspected.

You’re Moving

When trying to sell your home, it’s important to make sure everything is in good shape for prospective owners. Home inspections are almost always required anyway, and faulty wiring or other electrical issues won’t fly– make sure you can tell buyers the property is comfortable and safe.

Toddlers at Home

Anyone who’s had kids knows that toddlers get into everything they can get their hands on! It’s common to “baby-proof” a home before a birth, but once your child is able to crawl, walk, and– gulp– run, they’re going to be able to reach many more places. Make sure all outlets are childproofed and electric appliances are out of reach. Have your home inspected for any issues to ensure your home is as safe as possible for your growing family.

The Holidays

It’s no secret that homeowners can go a little overboard with the holiday lights– but that’s part of the fun! With that said, never overload circuits or compromise on outlet capacity for an extra string of snowflake bulbs. If you’re unsure what your home can handle or concerned that your electrical system is a little worse for wear, consult an expert electrician for any questions.

After a Flood

Flooding poses a significant threat to your electrical system and often causes failures. The water corrodes wiring and may result in other damages to electrical equipment if it contains chemicals and other debris. Most importantly, if your home undergoes flooding, don’t turn on your appliances or interact with anything involving electricity, especially when anything in the vicinity is wet. The minerals water contains are a dangerous conductor of electricity– always contact a professional electrician if flooding might have affected your system.

Any Signs of Damage

This one’s a no-brainer. There are many signs your electrical system may have a problem, and all should be taken seriously. If you notice smoke, shocks, a burning smell, or buzzing coming from an outlet or switch, have your home inspected for electrical issues. For a full list of signs you could have an electrical problem, visit our page here and don’t forget to have your electrical system inspected if the need presents itself.

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