Home Security Cameras: Don’t Leave Home Without One

A home security camera is a wise investment if you want to keep your home and family safe. These modern devices are improving, becoming more affordable, and are growing in popularity. A home security camera has many benefits. Here are some of the top reasons to consider installing one.

Cameras Scare Off Intruders

A camera will deter unwanted visitors from entering your home or property. This is the primary reason many homeowners have one. Security cameras are motion activated and will often scare away potential burglars.

They Help Police

If a burglar enters your home, a security camera will give police key information about who broke in and the crime that occurred. The data is automatically stored in the cloud or on a memory card, and police can access it. The camera footage will help them identify suspects, capture them, and retrieve your stolen goods.

They Make Emergency Calls

Modern security cameras notify emergency services for you. Exactly how depends on the camera’s manufacturer and design. Some services offer live feed monitoring while others send an alert to your smartphone.

Cameras Protect Packages

When a camera is present, criminals will think twice about swiping a package left on your front stoop. Make sure the camera lens is able to capture the action. The footage can be used to file a police report and insurance claim.

Cameras Keep Watch

An indoor security camera allows you to remotely check on family members and pets while you’re away. The live feed is streamed to your smart devices. Many also have built-in microphones so you can have a conversation.

They Help Save Money

A security camera can save you money on homeowners insurance. Major insurers tend to offer lower premiums when you take steps to protect your property. A camera can reduce your insurance premium by up to 20 percent.

Types of Home Security Cameras

There are indoor and outdoor security cameras on the market. The outdoor ones are mainly used for security purposes. They have built-in deterrent features, such as lights and sirens with motion detection. Indoor cameras have two-way audio. They are a good option to watch pets or communicate with family members when you’re gone. If privacy is a concern, put indoor cameras in higher traffic areas, like the front hallway and back door.

Video Doorbells are very popular. They have a built-in camera that starts recording once someone presses it. A two-way communication feature is activated, and folks can chat with their visitor.

Key Camera Features

There are some key features your security camera should have to ensure it works most efficiently.

The camera you choose should be able to capture a clear video recording that shows important details. It should be motion activated and send you an alert when movement is detected. The ability to livestream to a smartphone or computer is another critical feature to look for. A camera that has a two-way talk feature lets you have a conversation with people at home. Look for a camera with a wide-angle lens. It will give you a wider field of view.

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