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How Can You Verify Your Electrician Is Licensed?

“Make sure your [insert service provider here] is licensed and verified!” You’ve probably heard the statement a million times, but why is it so important that you choose a licensed electrician? We have the answer, along with some tips you can use to verify whether your prospective electrician is licensed. 

Why is It Important to Choose a Licensed Electrician?

The purpose of licenses and insurance is largely to protect the rights of customers. A license signifies that the technician working on your home or business has completed all off the necessary training and schooling needed to be in that position. Insurance effectively serves as a safety net in the event that an accident occurs on a worksite. Because of insurance, you won’t have to worry about any damages that occur as the result of an accident – it will all be covered. With an unlicensed and uninsured contractor, however, any injuries that occur on the jobsite will not be covered, often leaving homeowners in a position where they are forced to cover damages.  

Verifying an Electrician’s License and Insurance

Is your Electrician’s social media filled with glowing reviews? Maybe you received a great recommendation for them too? That’s fantastic news, but we still recommend confirming that they are indeed licensed and insured. There are simply too many horrors stories out there about jobs gone terribly wrong, and you don’t want one of those stories to become part of your own life. 

So, how can you check whether your contractor is licensed and insured? Really, you can just ask for it! Most qualified electricians will have no qualms about this request and will happily provide the information you need to confirm their legitimacy. If they are not able to provide this information, you could always seek further information from the state’s licensing board.  If you come up empty there as well, it may be time to keep searching for a new electrician.

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