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How to Eliminate Static Electricity

Static electricity is no doubt a big nuisance.  We get shocked when our finger touches metal; our clothes cling to our bodies; our hair goes crazy. How do we win the static battle? Here are some tips on how to eliminate static electricity.

What is Static Electricity?

Static electricity is an imbalance of electric charges between two things. When it builds up, that imbalance causes a discharge.  Static shocks happen most often when the air is colder and drier. When humidity is low, electricity builds up in our bodies instead. What typically happens is the electricity comes out of us when we touch metal, like a car door or knob.

Signs of Excess Static Electricity

So, how do you know when too much electricity has collected in your body?  Signs include frequent shocks, pain, numbness, sensitivity to touch, pins and needles, prickling or burning in the hands or feet, and feeling cold.

How To Remove Static Electricity

There are ways to stop the buildup of static electricity.

Buy a humidifier. Use it to add moisture to the air in your home or office. The moisture can help reduce static charge from building up.

Moisturize your skin. Rub lotion on your body after taking a shower and before getting dressed. Dry skin contributes to static electricity and static shock.

Use anti-static spray. Apply it to carpets, rugs, and clothes to reduce static buildup. Spray treatments are available to treat rugs and carpets.

Use dryer sheets. Put these in the dryer with your clothes to stop static. You can also rub them on upholstered furniture or car seats to help neutralize the electric charge.

Put baking soda in the laundry. Add just a quarter cup to a load of wash to prevent static from building up. Baking soda is also considered a water and fabric softener.

Air dry clothes. The tumbling action of the dryer can build up electrostatic charges. Instead, hang clothes up to dry on hangers or a drying rack.

Watch what you wear. Avoid wearing rubber-soled shoes. Don’t dress in synthetic fibers, like polyester and nylon, which cause static buildup. Stay away from wool too. Instead, wear leather-soled shoes, and natural fibers such as cotton.

How to Prevent Metal Shocks

A static shock is often sparked when we touch metal objects like a door handle, car door, or window frame. To prevent getting a shock, carry a metal key, coin, thimble, or safety pin around with you. Use it to touch metal before your finger does.

Static Cling in Clothes

It’s so embarrassing when our clothes stick to us. Here are the best ways to get rid of static cling before we head out.

Use a static-reducing spray. Static Guard is a popular brand that also comes in a travel size.

Rub a damp cloth or paper towel over areas where clothes are clinging. The moisture will temporarily increase humidity and provide relief.

Metal also removes static. If clothes are clinging, run a wire clothes hanger or piece of aluminum foil between the affected areas.

Moisturize. Rubbing lotion into your skin will keep fabrics from clinging to you.

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