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How to Keep Pets Safe from Electrical Hazards

If a new pet has joined your household, it will no doubt bring you lots of joy and cuddles. However, you need to “pet-proof” your home so your dog or cat can stay happy and healthy. Electrical hazards can pose a real danger to pets, which is why pet electrical safety is so important. Here’s how you can keep your furry friends safe and secure.

Pet Electrical Wire Safety

To prevent an electrical hazard, keep your pet away from electrical wires. Make sure the wires are hidden and secure. Wires are especially hazardous to pets if they are left dangling from the edges of tables or countertops. Playing with a wire or chewing on it can cause serious injury to your pet. Keep wires hidden, or conceal them with a cover or plastic tubing. You can also treat the area around electrical items with a bitter spray to keep pets away.

Unplug Electrical Cords

Unplug cords in your home when you’re not using them.  This includes charging cords. Pets can easily knock one out of the outlet, or rip it out while playing. You also don’t want to pay extra for electricity you’re not using or have to replace damaged items. Keep unplugged cords out of your pet’s reach and line of sight.  Cats love to get on counters, tables and shelves and can easily knock electronics off.  If you aren’t home, close off the room or put your cat in a safe place.

Don’t Put Electronics Near Water

Electricity and water don’t mix. Avoid placing electrical items near bathtubs, sinks, or other areas where there is water. Pets can easily knock cell phones, curling irons and hair dryers into the water and create an electrical hazard.  All appliances near sinks or bathtubs should be plugged into an outlet equipped with a Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter.

Watch Where Fido Naps

Pets love to snooze where it’s warm.  Don’t let them nap by a space heater. They could knock one over or receive burns from the heat. Also keep pets away from warm computers, clothes dryers and other electrical items.  

Safe Outdoor Pet Play Area

Ensure your pet has a safe environment to play in. A secure fence is a must when it comes to pet safety. Options include a traditional fence or an invisible fence. If you properly fence the yard, you can keep pets away from hazardous electrical items. These include decorative lighting, HVAC wiring or underground wiring. If you have outdoor electrical outlets, install waterproof covers and GFCI’s for further protection.

Signs of Trouble

Seek help right away if you believe your pet chewed on a cord or had unsafe contact with an electrical device. Look for evidence of burns, increased drooling, coughing, trouble breathing, mouth irritation or signs of pain or distress. If you detect any of these, seek emergency veterinary care immediately.

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