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Pole Barns – What Are They?

In Carroll County, MD, and surrounding areas, pole barns are a very popular option for creating additional storage and workspaces.

A pole barn is a type of agricultural building that is typically used to house livestock, store farm equipment, or store hay and other agricultural products. They are also used as garages, workshops, and general storage.

It is called a “pole” barn because it is constructed using poles or large posts that are embedded in the ground to provide structural support for the building. Pole barns are usually simple in design, with a roof that is supported by poles and metal or wooden siding. They can range in size from small sheds to large buildings that can house multiple vehicles, machines, or animals. Pole barns are popular because they are relatively easy and cost-effective to construct, and they provide a lot of usable space for a relatively low cost.

Bottom line: Pole barns are typically used to provide additional space for animals, workshops, and storage. They are versatile structures that can be molded to fit a variety of needs.

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