Save Your Energy: Electric Bikes are the New Rage in Modern Mobility!

If you are tired of manually peddling your bicycle to get around town, never fear: the eBike is here!

The electrically-powered two-wheeler is quickly gaining ground in popularity and there are many good reasons why eBikes are all the rage.

Faster Riding

eBikes use an electric motor and battery for power, letting you ride at the same speed or faster than a conventional bike. This is beneficial if you are riding with extra cargo. Give your legs a rest by using the throttle-only mode and travel up to 20 mph without pedaling at all. You can also travel more miles with the increased speed, especially if the weather is favorable.

Easy Commuting

Electric bikes can slash your commute time. They are a safe, healthy and convenient way to make essential trips. They also help improve air quality by reducing trips in a gas-powered vehicle. In addition, you can avoid traffic jams by using bike routes, and won’t waste valuable time searching for an open parking spot.

In fact, a joint study done by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) with the Colorado Energy Office during the COVID-19 pandemic, found e-Bikes were the dominant travel mode for 30% of trips. They were followed by shared rides at 29% and single-occupancy vehicle trips at just 20%.

eBikes Offer Versatility

There are three ways to ride an electric bike: Pedal only, pedal-assist, and throttle-only.

The pedal-assist mode provides power only when you are pedaling. In the throttle mode, the motor provides power to move the bike. Pedal only mode uses no electric power.

Health & Environmental Benefits

By riding an electric bike, you can help minimize your impact on the environment. Electric bikes are also a sustainable, eco-friendly alternative to gas-powered vehicles for short trips. Their added energy boost also lets you haul kids, groceries, sports equipment and backpacks without a problem.

You can still get cardio benefits with an eBike by using your own power to pedal, like a regular bike. Even in pedal-assist mode you still have to work to get yourself moving.

Don’t worry about arriving at your destination all hot and sweaty. Electric bikes require less physical effort and faster travel so you can ride with ease.

The Future

So, what does the future hold for eBikes? Over the next five years, the eBike industry is predicted to grow by nearly 12% each year, a growth rate of more than 75%.

The market was valued at just over $27 billion in 2021, and is expected to be worth more than $54 billion by 2027. One thing is for sure. We can expect a lot more eBikes on our streets and trails as the years go by!

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