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Tips on Conserving Energy This Summer

From saving the planet to saving on your electricity bill, there are plenty of great reasons to start conserving energy this summer. In the season of full-blast air conditioners, family vacations, and afternoons spent hiding from the unforgiving sun, energy is a hot commodity– here are some tips for conserving energy.

Reset Your Thermostat

Chances are, your schedule will be going through some changes along with the weather. After school lets out and the sun stays up longer, you probably adjust your daily routine and habits. Just make sure you adjust your thermostat to match! Minimize your energy use by turning the A/C off when you know you’re not going to be in the house. If you live in an area where temperatures drop significantly after dark, consider only using your HVAC system during daylight hours. This will cut a huge chunk from your energy spending. Most importantly, never leave your A/C on when you leave for a trip! Set a reminder for yourself if you need to, or take advantage of any scheduling settings on your thermostat. 

Choose Camping, Not Glamping

While we love the idea of camping in style (“glamping”) as much as the next electricity company, living in the midst of nature for a couple days isn’t quite the same if you’re ensconced in a wifi-equipped cabin or tricked-out RV. Take the chance to use your campsite’s real firepit rather than a portable electric cooker and switch off the phone flashlight for a while. The less you take with you, the less you’ll risk leaving behind to impact the area. Be safe and be smart on your next family vacation!

Keep the Lights Off

Your household may or may not have that one member who goes around behind everyone switching off the lights, but those folks have the right idea! Summer is characterized by long days and short nights, so you should be using your overhead lights much less often than usual. Open the curtains and take advantage of the sun’s rays rather than reaching for the light switch. You’ll save money on your next electricity bill while conserving energy and brightening up your home.


Last but not least, we could all use some time to unplug. Turn off the phones, TVs, tablets, laptops, Kindles, and smartwatches for an hour or two at least once every few days. Take an entire afternoon off from electronics if you feel like it– there’s a reason why mental health experts are urging us to do so. Step away from the addictive games and social media posts for a while and enjoy this time of year. We love all the convenience and boundless opportunity electricity has brought into our lives, but it’s important to remember that there’s more than just technology to experience. See how long you can go without using electricity– you might be surprised at how difficult (or maybe deceptively easy…) it can be. Hopefully these tips for conserving energy will help you and your home in the long run!

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