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VIP Electrical Care Plan For Homeowners in Sykesville

VIP Electrical Care Plan For Homeowners in Sykesville and the Surrounding Areas.

We are on a mission to offer solutions for homeowners with electrical safety issues and concerns, we are so happy to announce a new program, CK Electric VIP Care Plan, to all Sykesville residents as well as the surrounding areas.

This program shines a spotlight on your home’s electrical systems so you aren’t left in the dark when unexpected electrical problems arise. Our friendly licensed electrical team is going to thoroughly inspect your home’s electrical systems. From the electrical panel to all the outlets, every inch of your home will be inspected to determine if your home passes the CK Electric safety sniff test. If so, HOORAY! We let you know. If not, we will report the areas of concern to you right away as well as providing a plan to remedy the issue. This VIP Care Plan lets you and your family sleep well at night knowing your home is safe and electrical issue free.



 1. Sign up. 

First you’ll need to contact our office to sign up. The peace of mind investment is only $279.00 and can be paid for right over the phone.

 2. Schedule your electrical home inspection. 

We will schedule a day and time for one of our licensed electrical technicians to meet with you and do a thorough electrical inspection of your entire home’s electrical system.


Our electrician will check the following:

  • Panel Capacity
  • Damaged, overheated, and mismatched breakers.
  • Meter Socket.
  • Service Cable.
  • Grounding System.
  • Check all GFCIs.
  • Switches, fans, and lights.
  • Surge Protectors.
  • Carbon Monoxide protectors.
  • Smoke detectors.
  • Code Violations and hazards.
  • Burn Marks and exposed wires.
  • Up-to-date technology and safety.
  • Electrical use calculation.


With yearly service checks, as a VIP member, you are also given the following PERKS:

  • Priority Scheduling
  • Two (2) $50.00 coupons for use on any electrical service throughout the year.
  • 3 year extended warranty on all electrician provided parts and labor.
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed.


Why a CK Electric VIP Care Plan (Home Electrical Inspection Plan) is a Good Idea. 

Electrical systems degrade over time due to wear and tear, corrosion, and aging components. This deterioration can lead to electrical hazards such as electrical fires, shocks, and short circuits. An inspection by a trusted electrical company (yours truly) can identify potential safety hazards and ensure that the electrical system meets current safety standards. Let’s break down our check list and why these items are so important to inspect.

Full WARNING, we are about to get super techy but we want you to understand how each electrical items plays their part in your home’s big electrical system picture.

electrical panel inspection upgrade replacement for CK Electric LLC homeowners in SykesvillePanel Capacity: 

  1. Overloading your home’s electrical panel can lead to overheating, which increases the risk of electrical fires.
  2. An electrical panel that is undersized for the home’s electrical needs may frequently trip circuit breakers or blow fuses. This can be super frustrating and inconvenient as well as a sign of potential issues with the electrical system.
  3. Older homes may have electrical panels that were not designed to handle the power requirements of new appliances and electronics.
  4. Code Compliance: Building codes require that electrical panels be appropriately sized and rated for the electrical demands of the home. An inspection can identify any code violations related to panel capacity and ensure that the electrical system meets current safety standards.
  5. If homeowners plan to add new appliances, upgrade their electrical system, or renovate their home, they need to ensure that the electrical panel can support these changes.

Damaged, overheated and mismatched breakers:

  1. Damaged or overheated breakers pose a huge safety hazard. They can increase the risk of electrical fires, shocks, and other serious accidents.
  2. Mismatched breakers, which are not properly rated for the electrical circuits they protect, can lead to frequent tripping or failure of the breaker. This can result in power outages, inconvenience, and potential damage to electrical appliances or devices.
  3. Overloaded or mismatched breakers can also cause severe stress on electrical equipment and appliances, leading to premature wear and potential damage.
  4. Code Compliance: Building codes require that electrical systems be installed and maintained in accordance with safety standards. Damaged, overheated, or mismatched breakers may violate these codes and regulations. An electrician can inspect the breakers to ensure that they meet code requirements and make any necessary repairs or replacements to bring the electrical system into compliance.

Meter Socket:

  1. A meter socket inspection ensures that the electrical connections between the utility’s meter and the home’s electrical system are secure and free from any hazards. Damaged or improperly installed meter sockets can lead to electrical shocks, fires, and other safety hazards.
  2. Malfunctioning meter sockets, loose connections, or corrosion can bring on heat and spark, potentially leading to electrical fires. With a your home inspection, our electrician can detect signs of overheating, arcing, or other issues that could increase the risk of fire.
  3. The meter socket serves as the entry point for electricity from the utility provider into the home’s electrical system. Any defects or obstructions in the meter socket can impede the flow of electricity, leading to voltage fluctuations, power outages, or inefficient energy distribution. An electrician can assess the condition of the meter socket and make necessary adjustments to optimize electrical performance.

Service Cable: 

  1. The service cable connects the home’s electrical system to the utility’s power supply. Over time, these cables can degrade due to weather exposure, wear and tear, or improper installation.
  2. Our CK electrician can also assess the capacity of the service cable to ensure it can safely handle the electrical load of the home. Overloaded or undersized service cables can lead to overheating, voltage drops, and electrical failures.
  3. A properly sized and functioning service cable helps protect electrical appliances and equipment from damage. Inadequate cable capacity can result in voltage fluctuations or irregularities, which may damage sensitive electronic devices or appliances.

Grounding System: 

  1. The grounding system in a home provides a path for excess electrical current to safely disperse into the ground, reducing the risk of electrical shocks and fires. A properly functioning grounding system ensures that electrical faults, such as short circuits or lightning strikes, are safely diverted away from the home’s electrical circuits and appliances.
  2. A well-maintained grounding system helps protect electrical appliances and devices from damage caused by power surges and voltage fluctuations. Without adequate grounding, electrical surges can damage sensitive electronic equipment, such as computers, televisions, and kitchen appliances.
  3. A properly installed grounding system can help protect the home from damage caused by lightning strikes. During a lightning strike, the grounding system provides a path for the electrical current to safely dissipate into the ground, reducing the risk of electrical fires and structural damage.
  4. Over time, grounding systems may deteriorate due to corrosion, damage, or improper installation. Our trained electrician can inspect the grounding system to identify any signs of deterioration or malfunction, such as loose connections, corroded electrodes, or inadequate grounding paths.

GFCI electrical Check GFCIs (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters:

  1. GFCIs are designed to protect against electric shocks by quickly shutting off power to a circuit if it detects a ground fault, such as current leakage to unintended paths, including water or human bodies.
  2. Malfunctioning or improperly installed GFCIs may fail to detect ground faults, leaving homeowners vulnerable to electric shocks and potential electrocution.
  3. In addition to protecting homeowners from electric shocks, GFCIs also safeguard electrical devices and appliances from damage caused by ground faults. Without proper GFCI protection, ground faults can cause damage to sensitive electronic equipment, leading to costly repairs or replacements.

Switches, Fans and Lights:

  1. Faulty switches, fans, or lights can also pose a safety hazard in a home, leading to electrical shocks, fires, or other accidents.
  2. Malfunctioning switches, fans, or lights can generate heat or sparks, potentially igniting nearby combustible materials and causing electrical fires. With our VIP Care Plan, regular inspection by one of our electricians helps identify any signs of wear and tear, loose connections, or other issues that could lead to electrical fires.
  3. Inefficient lighting fixtures or ceiling fans can waste energy and increase utility bills. Our electricians can inspect switches, fans, and lights to ensure they are energy-efficient and properly installed, optimizing energy usage and reducing electricity costs for homeowners.

Surge Protectors: 

  1. A home surge protector is designed to safeguard electrical devices and appliances from damage caused by power surges, which can happen to lightning strikes, utility grid fluctuations, or internal electrical faults.
  2. Electrical devices and appliances are vulnerable to damage from power surges, which can shorten their lifespan or render them inoperable. Surge protectors act as a barrier between the electrical system and connected devices, diverting excess voltage away from sensitive electronics.
  3. urge protectors come with different ratings and capacities to handle varying levels of voltage spikes. Our electricians can inspect surge protectors to verify that they are appropriately rated for the electrical devices and appliances they are protecting.
  4. Over time, surge protectors may degrade or become damaged due to wear and tear, power surges, or internal faults. Our electricians can inspect surge protectors for signs of wear, damage, or malfunction, such as charred components, loose connections, or indicator lights that are not functioning correctly.

smoke and CO detectors for CK Electric LLCCarbon Monoxide Protectors: 

  1. Carbon monoxide is a colorless, odorless gas that can be produced by faulty fuel-burning appliances such as furnaces, water heaters, and stoves. We don’t want to scare you, but breathing in carbon monoxide can be fatal, making it imperative to have functioning detectors in the home.
  2. Carbon monoxide detectors provide an early warning of carbon monoxide leaks, allowing occupants to evacuate the premises and seek medical attention if necessary. Regular inspection of these detectors ensures they are properly installed, have functional batteries or are connected to a power source, and are free from any obstructions that could affect their ability to detect carbon monoxide.

Smoke Detectors: 

  1. Smoke detectors play a crucial role in protecting homeowner’s lives. It also protects their property by alerting them to the presence of smoke or fire before it spreads and becomes uncontrollable. when one of our electricians make sure a home’s smoke detectors are working properly, it gives the family complete peace of mind.

Code Violations and Hazards: 

  1. Identifying and rectifying code violations and hazards is paramount to ensuring the safety of occupants. Electrical systems that do not comply with current codes or contain hazards such as exposed wiring, overloaded circuits, or faulty installations pose significant risks of electric shock, fire, and other accidents.
  2. Code violations and hazards in a home’s electrical system can lead to accidents and injuries for occupants. Loose wiring, improperly installed fixtures, or overloaded circuits can cause electrical shocks, burns, or falls.
  3. Electrical code violations and hazards increase the risk of electrical fires, which can cause extensive damage to property and belongings. Additionally, faulty wiring or overloaded circuits can damage electrical appliances and equipment.

Burn Marks and Exposed Wires: 

  1.  Burn marks and exposed wires are clear indicators of potential fire hazards within a home’s electrical system. Burn marks suggest overheating or arcing, which can lead to electrical fires if left unaddressed.

Up-To-Date Technology and Safety: 

  1. Regular inspections by our electricians ensure that the home’s electrical system is equipped with the latest safety features and technologies to mitigate electrical risks effectively. By identifying outdated components or systems, an electrician can recommend upgrades or replacements to enhance the safety and reliability of the electrical system.

Electrical Use Calculation: 

  1. Ensuring that the electrical system in a home is properly sized and capable of meeting the demands of the household is paramount for homeowner’s safety. An overloaded electrical system can lead to overheating, electrical fires, and other hazards.

As a VIP Care Plan member, our dedication to your home’s electrical safety and your peace of mind is our top priority. If you would like to purchase this plan and get your inspection on our calendar, please contact us to get you signed up and taken care of pronto.