What’s the difference between an estimate and a quote?

We hear this question a lot. Let us demystify it for you. Estimates and quotes serve different purposes. Think of an estimate as a “ballpark” price. Meaning it will be close but not an exact cost. A quote is the actual expected price the project will cost and is the amount shown in the contract.

The main difference between an estimate and a quote is that an estimate is not binding, while a quote is. When you get an estimate, you are not agreeing to pay that amount. However, when you get a quote and sign the contract, either in hard copy or digitally, you are agreeing to pay that amount.

When you call CK Electric, we will provide a free estimate via a short phone call after we have assessed the scope of your project. We will email a firm quote for approval, and once approved, we will add you to our work schedule on the next available date unless you have a specific future date in mind.

We often hear, “You can give me an estimate over the phone? Don’t you have to come look at the project?” Most times, the answer is “yes” to the former and “no” to the latter. We can gauge the scope from the pictures and videos provided by you and our phone conversation. We have performed many of the same types of projects giving us an idea of the project cost.

If, at any time while on-site, we encounter something that would impact either the cost of the project or the quality of the work we perform, we will call a “time out” and explain the situation. We will not move forward prior to discussing the situation with our client and getting their guidance on any necessary changes to the project. When necessary, this situation may require a change order (see related article, “What is a change order?”) before proceeding further with the project.

Our goal is to provide each client with five-star service and be completely transparent about what’s happening at your home or business.

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